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Title Scientology - Daily Mail Threatened By Church of Scientology

Daily Mail Threatened By Church of Scientology January 16th, 2009 - Glosslip insiders have revealed that the Daily Mail s story on Jett Travolta, titled Did John Travolta s weird faith seal son Jett s fate? was pulled from their website after threats from the Church of Scientology. [...] With the barrage of stories following the tragic death of 16-year old Jett Travolta, one has to wonder how much overtime the lawyers have been putting in trying to keep the media from looking too closely at their dangerous history of medical mishaps based on the groups anti-psychiatry beliefs. So while the in depth story at the Daily Mail has been pulled, we were fortunate to find that the internet savvy group and Scientology critics, Anonymous, have the full version of the story on their site. [...] If you are interested in additional commentary and other details about this story, visit the forum thread at This is a summary extract from the full article as it appeared on Glossip, Jan. 2009 (Full Article) which cites the full article at WhyWeProtest Full Article)