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Title Jehovah's Witnesses - Sextuplets' parents live life by the Bible:

Sextuplets parents live life by the Bible: We are not fanatics February 7th, 2007 - The parents of the four surviving babies born in a historic sextuplet birth last month are no different than other devoted family members and are not religious fanatics, said a member of a Kingdom Hall in the Greater Vancouver Area. Ed Ladubec, a senior member of the Kingdom Hall, said the actions of the Jehovah s Witness parents are often misunderstood and denounced by people who are not of the same faith. We are not fanatics. These parents want the same for their children as any other parent, Mr. Ladubec said yesterday. There are principles from the Bible here, there is understanding of the Resurrection. We want to safeguard the welfare of our children. If they refused [blood transfusions], there must be a compelling reason for the welfare of the children. [...] Adherents to the faith are not against all medical intervention, said Mr. Ladubec, who has had knee surgery but without a blood transfusion. Our Creator knows how our bodies work, Mr. Ladubec said. He designed it so we get the best use of the body we ve been given. [...] [...] their demands for privacy were quickly thwarted last weekend when the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development stepped in and allowed doctors to give blood transfusions to three of the four remaining babies. [...] The issue of transfusions is such a fundamental tenet of their faith that followers who allow them say they have been shunned afterward by family members and other members of the faith. Jehovah s Witnesses consider blood transfusions violations and assaults on their bodies. [...] This is a summary extract from the full article as it appeared Globe and Mail, Feb 2, 2007 Full Article