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Title Scientology
Founder L. Ron Hubbard

ALTERNATE NAMES: - Church of Scientology - Religious Technology Center (Note: controls and oversees the uses of all of the trademarks, symbols and sacred texts of Scientology and Dianetics) - Church of Spiritual Technology (Note: owns all the copyrights of the estate of L. Ron Hubbard) Established: 1953 & 1954


Websites Scientology s scourge

(articles, videos, information)

A war over mental health professionalism: Scientology versus psychiatry - Stephen A. Kent a & Terra A. Manca Scientology - Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse [New York Times] Scientology Gets Its Ass Kicked In the Desert Scientology - Daily Mail Threatened By Church of Scientology Scientology s Crushing Defeat Scientology - Declaration of ex-Scientology exec Lawrence H. Brennan Tory Christman, ex-30yr Scientologist (OT7) with Steve Hassan 8-7-12 Pressley- Hassan (July 2012) discuss Scientology, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes divorce, Suri and much more Scientology - Interview with ex-Scientologist Larry Brennan Scientology - Cult linked pilot school gets $20K grant Scientology - Suspicious of human rights video Scientology-led cult network releases two Disinformation" books Narconon Bibliography: Scientology - Annotated bibliographical survey of Scientology related literature Government: Scientology - Is this a Religion? Online Books: Lisa McPherson: Scientology - Lisa McPherson s charges against Scientology Scientology - Sociologist Stephen Kent s Affidavit for McPherson Case Legal Cases: Scientologists reportedly turned Isabella and Connor Cruise against mother Nicole Kidman: Tom Cruise's lawyer responds (September 5, 2012) Scientology - Scientology capitulates Reuters Scientology - Criminal Complaint to Ashcroft Scientology Crime and Terrorism Scientology - Wollersheim Will Scientology pay 3+ million dollar? E-Meter: Mind Control & the BITE model: Scientology - The Use of Mind Control in Scientology by Monica Pignotti, LMSW

Robert Vaughn Young

Essays by Robert Vaughn Young, former Director of Public Relations for Scientology in the United States

Inside The Church of Scientology

Tom Cruise s Scientology Marriages: The Secret Wife-Auditioning Process Before Katie Holmes, Revealed(September 1, 2012) Crash director and former Scientologist Paul Haggis insists church officials DID 'audition women to marry Tom Cruise' (September 3, 2012) 8 part series on the Church of Scientology as published by the Boston Herald in March 1998. Written by Joseph Mallia:

Getting Help
  • Escape helping, advising, counselling families and friends who have loved ones involved in Scientology (by ex-members Bonnie and Richard Woods; see also above under legal cases)
  • Help for you or someone else