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Title The Twelve Tribes -
Founder Elbert Eugene Spriggs

Teachings The Twelve Tribes await the coming of the Messiah. Children play an integral part in the preparation for the Messiah and the Last Day. Freeing children from guilt and keeping their minds pure is a critical necessity. For this reason, teachings instruct that children not play with toys, play imaginary or fantasy games, have candy, or watch television or movies. [1] If a child disobeys these rules, does not respond on first command to an adult, or commits any other sinful act, he or she is spanked by his or her parent with a wooden rod which is an eighteen inch, thin, flexible balloon stick meant to sting but not injure. [2] When punished, the child is supposed to refrain from crying and thank the punisher, the reproof and instruction having built his character. Members, upon entering the Community, renounce all possessions, in the spirit of living together communally and sharing all goods. [3] [1]: Palmer, Susan J. Frontiers and Families:the Children of Island Pond, p159 [2]: Swantko, Jean. personal communication (12/00) [3]: Melton, Gordon J. The Encyclopedia of American Religions p609 Alternate name(s): · Northeast Kingdom Community Church · The New Apostolic Order in Messiah · The Church in Island Pond · The Communities Elbert Eugene Spriggs (born May 18, 1937 in East Ridge, Tennessee) aka Yoneq (Hebrew for sapling or sprig ), former carnival barker and high school guidance counselor established in 1972.



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