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Title Parsee Ministry Team / Feroze Golwalla
Founder Feroze Golwalla (Other names: Kaezad Dadachanjee, Cyrus Kotwall)

*aka Baruch ha Shem Description of Group by a former member: "Feroze recruits members into a pseudo-Christian mission team to the ethnic Parsee people of Asia. He appears to be a godly man, exercising strict disciplines of prayer and fasting. Feroze grew up in Pakistan and moved to the U.S. about 13 years ago. He has lived in Maryland, Texas, Minnesota, and Illinois, primarily and actively recruits college men and women. He utilizes all methods of indoctrination and demands absolute obedience. When he is trying to win over a new member, though, he uses love-bombing to ensure their loyalty, and gradually increases control over the members of his team . His techniques begin subtly, but when I lived with him, as our senses were dulled to the control, he became intensely violent (physically), sexually abusive to certain male members, verbally, emotionally and spiritually abusive, and overtly demanding." Golwalla's present whereabouts and/or activities are unknown at this time. His last known place of residence was in the state of Maryland.

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