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Title The Body
Founder Don Patton
Description Alternate Names of the Group: Gospel Assembly of (the city)

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Description of the Group:
My mother and I moved to Texas when I was 9 year old. I was involved in a church that I now know was actually a religious cult. They followed the physical ways of the penticostal church. If a woman cut her hair or wore pants it was a sin. No swimming, music, tv, sports, amusement parks - the list goes on. The church I was involved in eventually fell apart, but there are still thousands of active churches all over the world.

You are not allowed to do anything without asking the pastor first. If you do, you are shunned and treated as if you are not worthy of anyone that follows and obeys the words of the pastor. I remember people asking the pastor questions about his teachings because they did not understand a word he was talking about. His reply was, "If you all would read your Bible daily, you would understand me!" and "God has given me a gift to speak above all of those who do not read his word!" We later found out that the pastor was drunk 98% of the time that he was supposed to be "above us in God's words" preaching.

Different adults would try to get activities together for the youth. During the first baseball game, someone fell and broke a leg. After that, the pastor forbid anyone to play any sports. He said, " God must not want us playing sports, after all he proved it by (blank) breaking a bone!"

This man had all control over the money people were paying towards tithes. Some people were putting a ton of money in the offering plate and could barely feed their families. Meanwhile, the pastor and his kids were driving BMWs, Lincolns, etc. and wearing nothing but expensive brand name clothes paid for by struggling subservient church members!

I could write a book on my story, as this is just a crumb of my experience. I know that there are so many more people still naive to what they are involved in, specifically the church cult I was involved in.
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