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Title The Jesus Christians
Founder Dave and Cherry McKay

David John McKAY was born in December 1944 and is a native of Rochester, New York; he grew up in the Nazarene Church. Sherian (aka Cherry) Joann McKAY was born in March 1947 and has been David McKAY s wife since 24 July, 1964. Essentially a Children of God offshoot group, the group that would later come to be known as the Jesus Christians was established in Australia in the mid 1970s. In 1975 Mc KAY says he spent three months with the Children of God, but claims he left over their sexual teachings. It is known that McKAY received a personal letter from Moses David Berg the Children of Gods founder, which he kept and treasured. During his time in Broken Hill it was said that McKAY was still a good friend of the Children of God and members came to his house and stayed with the Family. It is believed that while living in Broken Hill, McKAY was involved with the Broken Hill Church of Christ and that the eldership were concerned about McKAY s involvement with the Children of God. According to a published report McKAY lived in a Children of God House in Melbourne in 1978. FORMER / OTHER NAMES AND BRANDS: Christians: Christians or The Christians is the name they used prior to becoming, Jesus Christians. God s children: Name used on literature handed out at the Christian Youth Convention meeting in Sydney in 1996. Voices in the Wilderness: Voices in the Wilderness, was the name that they adopted when they conducted their Prophets of Doom campaign in Rockhampton, Queensland in June 1989. This stunt resulted in the arrest of seven members, who spent 23 days in jail. Nappy Chappies: The term Nappy Chappies was as a result of a campaign in 1986 and again in 1987 where members dressed in Nappies and stood outside the Sydney Royal Show to distribute religious leaflets called, baby books. This stunt also resulted in arrests. children of God (note small c): In the baby books handed out they referred to their group as the children of God, (with a small c) saying they were a remnant of the Children of God. Medowie Christian Volunteers: The term Medowie Christian Volunteers was as a result of the group residingin MEDOWIE in NEW SOUTH WALES and offering to undertake free work in the community. Nullabor Walkers: From the 1985 Nullabor walk: Rappville Christians: The term Rappville Christians came about in July 1982 when the Community lived at a disused general store. Rappville is not far from Lismore in New South Wales. The McKays: The name was used in a tract entitled, You can quit your job forever . McKay Family: The term was used on Christmas card like tracts entitled, Happy Holidays distributed in Fremantle, Western Australia by the group in December 1981/January 1982. Dave and Sharon McKay and the church which is in our house: Letters were signed with this closing in 1982. The Australians: Name found on their International Communities advertisement. Followers of the Lamb: Name mentioned on Spotlight Ministries Inc site. Gandhians: Name they were apparently called whilst they were in India in1984 Godstuff Comix: Branding on the comics they distribute.

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