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12 Rules Of The Community Leading Con-Man

12 Rules Of The Community Leading Con-Man

By Peter Forde (

1. What you’ve got is mine, and what I’ve got is mine too. (This is forcedly rule one because the world expects to see this, and is why they stay away in droves).

2. I own you too, and you don’t own yourself, since you have vowed yourself into being my obedient serf. I will hold you to this even after you leave.

3. You’re required to be meek and obedient, never angry, and constantly asking my permission to exist.

4. I can do anything I like, because I’m the leader- God’s gift to Mankind. Undemocratic, Unimpeachable. The Holy Spirit representative (circle whichever applies, but note that “God’s gift to mankind” is compulsory). For this heavy burden of leadership I, of course, have unlimited extra privileges and income.

5. The community actually exists for these purposes: Give me power over you: Make me lots of money: Make me powerful in the world: Flatter my vanity: Flatter my vanity again: Exist from moment to moment simply to pump up my ego.

6. One hint of criticism and you’re out, and note rule #1. Your spouse, children and friends. (Community con men try to make suppression of criticism rule one, and stress it hard).

7. All critics of me are sinners and have gone the world’s way. (It?s a feature of all con men to preemptively accuse their marks of what they themselves are doing, as a way to confuse the opponent.)

8. Members are to confess their life’s sins to me, preferably tape recorded, for use in shaming them into groveling subjection and for defamation and blackmail if they happen to leave and speak out.

9. Members are required to be dependent to the point of inability to cope if they should leave. This especially applies to children of members.

10. Priority of loyalties are: A) to me; B) to God, meaning me again since I am his representative C) to the community, meaning me again since the community exists to serve me D) to spouse and children but they are required to hate their relatives and spouses and to have a relationship with me before them.

11. Its fine to tell lies about who we are and what we actually represent. I wax lyrical about piety and morals since I don’t have to actually practice what I preach – those rules are for YOU!

12. People who annihilate my enemies without blame falling on me are liable to get promoted and to share somewhat in my power, always of course being mindful of who is boss.

Thus are the commands of Jesus carried out, and the Kingdom of Heaven promoted.