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Our Mission is to Support All Individuals in

Obtaining and Maintaining the Freedom to Both Think Clearly

 and to Freely Consider How They Want to Live Their Lives.

Freedom of Mind promotes your freedom to learn, consider and decide about life choices without interference from others that can make it hard or impossible to pay attention to your own best thinking and intuitions.

Our foremost concern is to be sure that you are told the whole truth and that your rights and personal choices are respected. If you are going to make truly free, personal choices, you need unbiased sources of information and support. For over 35 years we have offered just that.

Whether you’re trying to better understand a group that may be pressuring you in uncomfortable ways, worried about an individual who seems unduly under the influence of a group or individual, or feel like you may be losing your personal choices to a controlling individual, Freedom of Mind can help you sort out the facts of the situation and develop approaches that will allow you to more freely follow your own individual path.

Controlling Individuals and Groups have Similarities

Interference, sometimes intense enough to be accurately called undue influence, robs you of your freedom of choice, your freedom of mind. Whether you’re faced with a relationship that doesn’t really allow you the safety to make up your own mind or a group that denies you the space and time to thoughtfully consider your preferences, you may be in danger of losing your freedom of mind.

Freedom of Mind can help you better understand and deal with both these potentially threatening situations.

About Our Approach

Steven Hassan and his associates are experts on alienation from family and friends, and situations that may involve pressure and mind control issues from individuals, groups and cults. Steven has created a unique method of specialized counseling, called the Strategic Interactive Approach (SIA), which offers profound respect and enhanced freedom of choice to individuals struggling with what may be mind control. The supportive, SIA approach is more respectful and has proven more effective than either exit counseling or deprogramming.

What Can We Do for You?


  1. Our quick self-assessments can help you get a rough idea of whether you, or someone you know, need to be concerned about a situation. Click on the area you are most interested in: Controlling Groups, Controlling Individuals or Consulting for Former Group Members. Then review the self-assessment questions to help you evaluate the seriousness of the situation.


  1. In each of the specific sections there is a FAQ section that may answer many of your questions and will orient you to concerns we think help protect your right to think and feel without undue pressure. A helpful model for understanding mind control is what we call the BITE model.


  1. If you feel it would be helpful to get a more in-depth consultation and recommendation, give us a call at 617-396-4638 to hear more about how to set one up. You can also read a description of what to expect.


  1. If you’d like to know more about what former group members, the media or Steven has written or said about specific groups, check out our extensive Resource Center.